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Rolling Stone Interview with Rob Pattinson

    So let's take a break from all the chaos about New Moon and Catherine Hardwicke's replacement as the director of the film. Rolling has offered a way to get our mind off of things. Since Robert Pattinson is Rolling Stone's Hot Actor for their "Hot List 2008", they have a refreshing new interview of Robert. Here are some highlights:

    How is the Twilight fandom is different from the Harry Potter movies? I think you've mentioned that the sound of the screams is even different.

    It's different because I think it's almost solely females of a certain age group, and they have a very specific tone. It's much more to do with the sort of sexuality aspect of it. So many girls made this guy [their ideal], so when they see you it's like all of their energy is projected onto you. It's a really strange experience. I've never been in an experience where people just want to touch you — it's like being in a boy band.

    Is it weird to have girls that are so young have this incredibly sexualized thing around you?

    It's weird that you get 8-year-old girls coming up to you saying, "Can you just bite me? I want you to bite me." It is really strange how young the girls are, considering the book is based on the virtues of chastity, but I think it has the opposite effect on its readers though. [Laughs]

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Rolling Stone Interview with Rob Pattinson

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