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Twilight is not for everybody

    Yes, it's about old-fashioned romance, but isn't some of the sexual content inappropriate for pre-teens?

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    "Most parents don't allow their 10-year-old daughters to dress in sexy outfits. They recognize that there's a gulf between the pre-pubescent kid's desire to be a player in our sex-drenched popular culture and an actual understanding of what the come-hither look means. It's why the images of miniature beauty contestants are so horrifying. Why would you allow, even encourage, your child to play that kind of grown-up game?

    I'm using "10 years old" as shorthand for "too young." Of course, 10-year-olds come in all levels of maturity. When is it OK to read "Twilight"? When you can't stop thinking about sex. When the idea of romance produces a physical reaction in your body. When a story of a caress withheld for hundreds of pages leaves you breathless and weak-kneed -- not bored and skimming for the next action scene.

    In other words, "Twilight" is an entertaining read for people from puberty to death. But emphatically not before puberty. " Read more

    Source: LA Times

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Twilight is not for everybody

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