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Who should play Jacob Black?

    From L to R: Michael Copon, Steven Strait and Taylor Lautner

    Fansites have posted these Top 3 conternders for the role of Jacob Black. Here are some information about these actors.

    Michael Copon
    • He played "Felix Taggaro" in One Tree Hill. He is basically Brooke Davis' booty call.
    • Is half-Filipino.
    • Height 6' 1"

    Steven Strait

    • The original Fan's Choice for Jacob until they casted Taylor Lautner
    • Best known for his role as Warren Peace in Sky High and Caleb Danvers in The Covenant
    • Lead singer of the band Tribe, which just got its first record deal, and will record its debut album in 2005.
    • Did all his own stunts in the movie 'The Covenant'.
    • Height 6' 2"

    Taylor Lautner

    • He played Jacob Black in Twilight. But because of Jacob's growth spurt, the studio's having second thoughts of hiring him for New Moon.
    • Is a keen martial artist who, from the age of seven, has won many karate tournaments on a local, national and international level.
    • Height 5' 9"

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Who should play Jacob Black?

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