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Fancy man: Robert Pattinson

    Timesonline.co.uk has an in-depth article about Rob Pattinson. See below:

    In its opening weekend in the United States, Twilight, the vampire film he stars in, took £48m. A cast appearance in a mall in San Francisco, projected to attract 500, was attended by 3,000 and had to be closed down. At another appearance in Pennsylvania, a girl broke her arm. There is even such a thing as a “Twilight mum” (“because loving a vampire is so wrong”).

    And at the centre of it all is Edward Cullen, a character described by Stephenie Meyer in her bestseller as “devastating, inhumanly beautiful”, with “lips as cold as marble”. And he is played by Robert Pattinson. The film is good if, like the female protagonist, Bella, you are a willing believer in romantic love that lasts an eternity. There was a lot of screaming when I went to see it. There are some bits that don’t work, but there are some touching moments, too, and Pattinson walks away with every scene he’s in.

    His hair is leading-man hair, and he’s been told not to cut it. In the film, it’s done more like the Fonz, but today it’s sticking up in different directions. Did someone do it like that? “Nobody’s ever styled my hair in my life,” he says. “I’d hate anyone to do that.” His accent is Queen’s English by way of the South Circular and he’s chatty and willing. But he is 22, stuck in an awkward spot between being a normal, quite rubbish boy, and knowing that this is his moment. Later, he admits that, given the chance, he’d probably rather not speak at all. Read more.

    Photo Credit: InStyle Magazine

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Fancy man: Robert Pattinson

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